Making a case

I’d like to make a case for a shruthi-1, but there’s 2 things I’d like to know:

  1. Where can I find the case designs to laser-cut (or similar) and
  2. What material would I need to make it (size, thickness etc)?

1/ Here
2/ 5mm plexiglas. You can also use 5mm bamboo.

thank you!

The designs seem to be made for 3mm rather than 5mm - I made some with 5mm and they didn’t fit together. Also,where would I get the knobs and buttons?

^ Its all in the BOM : )

I don’t mean the potentiometers and switches themselves,but the knobs and buttons to go on the case.

In the BOM too.


Where did you find the info for the Button in the BOM? I cant find them.
Also Did you get a case laser cut? did it work? I’m looking for same exact answers you were seeking.
I need a plexi glass case and the 6 rectangular buttons that go on top of the soldered buttons on the board.
Thanks you!!

The BOM has a line for the caps - Digikey reference EG1081-ND (E-switch TACBLK).