Make size in Windows XP

Is it possible to perform make size under Windows without having awk, figlet and cowsay available (installed)? I tried to comment out the other commands after cat shruthi1.size in but that didn’t help me to get further through the make size process.

> build/shruthi1/
cat shruthi1.size | awk ‘{ print $1+$2 }’ | tail -n1 | figlet | cowsay -n -f moose
/usr/bin/sh: awk: command not found
/usr/bin/sh: figlet: command not found
/usr/bin/sh: cowsay: command not found
make: ***** [size] Error 127

I have no idea how to (easily) install this stuff for Windows XP.


Inspect the content of shruthi1.size and add the first two numbers.

Hi, it seems like when I do a rebuild under Windows, the values within shruthi1.size don’t change, and I added quite a bit to the code (hopefully not too much). (I’m trying to add two more LFOs, if there is even enough room for that, I’ll get rid of a few wavetables if that helps.)
before and after, from V0.97:
text data bss dec hex filename
61670 444 3374 65488 ffd0 build/shruthi1/shruthi1.elf

The shruthi1.hex file is 172K, so it might be OK based on the size of other release .hex files.