Make room for the resonance

Here is a tip I have found…

Start with the “init” sound. Set the first oscillator to square ; set the second oscillator to “none”. Set the mixer balance to 0 (so oscillator 1 takes the full dynamic range), set cutoff to 70, resonance to 40. Ok? Play a few bass notes, sweep the cutoff up and down, now you get the sound?

Now set the mixer balance to 32 (oscillator 1 only uses half the dynamic range), Play a few bass notes, sweep the cutoff… Can you hear the difference? You leave more room for the resonance to develop without clipping, and I think this makes for very good SH-101 imitations!

This is the second “trick” of the Roland IR3109-based circuits (the first one being the resonance loudness drop compensation) - the signal level into the filters are 9 dB lower than on the SMR-4 (contrary to my intuition which was to maximize it to avoid increasing the noise floor), and this gives room for a very round resonance to develop without soft-clipping. Magic in the circuit, not in the chips…

This is only for the IR3109-based filter boards, isn’t it?

No, this is a trick to make the SMR-4 sound closer to the IR3109.

oh I see! Thanks :slight_smile:

sounds nice!
but it only works, if the 2nd ocs is silent.

gives me an idea for a small new feature:

the mix knob for blending osc1+2 is nice - so keep it that way, but maybe add overall level as a mod destination to be used with the offset source for that trick.

i dont want to bug you with feature requests as you have a lot of work, but i imagine it should not be a big thing. (would add a new variable to the patch data though, if i get it right) maybe implement it, when the patch data is changed for another reason (if that happens)

Ok if there’s enough CPU for an extra multiplication per sample (it’s that tight :D)