Make process stuck in a "creating file loop"

Since a few days i’m not able to compile my midipal FW anymore on Win7 using winAVR gnu compiler/make.
Everything worked fine but suddenly calling “make” got stucked in a loop creating the “” file over and over again. This runs forever. The only way to solve this is to modify the in the avrlib directory. I replaced the “cat $(DEPS) > $(DEP_FILE)” command with an “echo” command. As the file had already been created by the previous run the compilation process went fine.

As i thought this is being caused by some errornous code from my side i created a brand new directory structure with the original code and had the same problem.
Running the creation command manually does not show me any error massage.

Anybody here who had the same problem?

Oh, this might just solve my “” file issue. Expect for me, it does not loop the file. It just terminates the build right before making the file. I’m using adruino 1.0 instead of winAVR though.