Make Noise Maths, Mutable Instruments equivalent?

Is there an MI equivalent to the MN Maths? Or something close, like Streams maybe?


tides is m.i.'s take on the vcs/function generator thing.

Okay, thank you :slight_smile: My rack is growing, so is my credit card bill!

This is, as of today, the system I am slowly building, have 4 modules so far :smiley:


@Adam looks good. You might want to look at the Sonic Potions Penrose quantiser, instead of the Quantimator.


Thanks toneburst :slight_smile: I will take a while to fill my case, but I’ll get there.

There was a good debate on Quantisers HERE

Yep, they all have pluses and minuses.

The ones with buttons representing a keyboard are possibly easiest to use, if you want to limit to a few notes.

Ones without might be better for happy accidents, though.


The Penrose is a third of the price of the Quantimator, that might just be the motivating factor for me to buy it!

^ Its a kit tho…

Incidentally, I have a Quantimator, and like it… Works well with my TTSH, as the Quantimator has 3 outputs, and the TTSH has 3 oscs.

@Luap, I just had to google TTSH, It’s a mega D.I.Y synth, looks and sounds good :slight_smile:

I am not buying a quantiser just yet, but am leaning towards the Penrose on price alone, I can always get the Quantimator when I am more flush; having two quantisers can’t be a bad thing :smiley: