Make me

a board that used the speakjet chip…

This loooooks so totally amazing. too sad I’ll never be able to build one… I would be satisfied also with just having something to attach to the keyboard so I can use it as a midi controller (without the text-speach thing).

Nice, i should have a better look at all the midibox stuff. I didnt See this One before. I did the seq v2 light and really like it.

i have a spare c64 laying around which i could use for this. (i needed only the sid as 2nd sid for my other c64)

why Do you think you Can’t build it, rumpelfilter?

loderblast: theoretically I’d be able to build it. The midibox project is well documented and has a great community behind it.
since they don’t have kits, these projects need a bit of time to be completed, and I don’t have the time. Moreover I’m currently staying away from soldering.

You don’t need a C64 for the speakjet. It is only for MIDIBox SID projects.

The more recent stuff uses an ARM board.

there was another speakjet based project a while back as well:

And then there is this:

TK (the MIDIBox guy) recompiled Audiocommander’s original SpeakJet application to run on the new LPC17 processor. The circuit required to get the LPC17 to talk to the SpeakJet is much simpler than the old PIC-based one documented here . I don’t think he ever formally released the documentation, but I have the circuit-giagram, if anyone is interested. I was able to put it together on a small piece of matrix board relatively quickly, despite never having produced a working physical circuit from a circuit-diagram before. Results are pretty good, have a listen to , and from before I added the passive low-pass filter.

Note I’m just talking about the actual application/hardware for controlling the SpeakJet chip here. I don’t know how easy the new version would be to integrate with the C64 keyboard, but I imagine the whole think could problem be run off a single LPC17 processor, rather than requiring twin Core modules.


One thing that’s worth noting is that this is a very old project. The guy who originally wrote the application, Audiocommander, has long since moved on to other things. He’s a really helpful guy, but he’s probably, and understandably, not going to spend a lot of time helping you, if you want to try and make one of these things yourself. Having said that, the thread on the MIDIBox forum about the MB SpeakJet project spans years, and is still occasionally active, so there are still people interested in building it.


Someone make a Shruthi control board centered around a speakjet!

My to-build list just got longer. Why hasn’t speech synthesis not been used more? It sounds awesome

I’m pretty sure it is a lot easier and more flexible to just create more voice algorithms in code.

6581punk has a point here… There’s nothing out of this worldish in the speakjet, the time spent in developing the same kind of algorithms (which are pretty standard fare…) on an ARM-based plateform would be the same as developing an interface for this expensive chip.

kind of a va-speakjet…

There’s even C based code to do it already. You just need to ensure it works in the small resources of an ARM board.


va-speakjet? I’m pretty sure speech synthesis has always been digital :slight_smile:

Another smaller one:

digital? tubes i think!

That requires too much user intervention to be considered a real speech synthesizer.

got the speakjet chip since 2009, needless to say, i haven’t built it yet. haha