Main encoder on my shruthi-1 is not working please advice!

Hello Mutable Instruments users

My main encoder on my shruti-1 is not working, only the click button is working not the scroll…

Any advice from someone !?

Which component I need to check ? I have tested the encoder resistance and it seems ok


Encoder resistance ?
If I’m not mistaken, the encoder shouldn’t have any resistance, it should send “pulses” of HIGH/LOW ?

Have you tried reheating ALL the pins that somehow connect to the encoder? IE: All the pins on the encoder, then follow those to the atmega/shift register, reheat those pins, and so on, until you arrive at the atmega ?

It’s very easy to miss pins. I’ve forgotten to solder the switch pins a couple of times.

Try checking for shorts between adjacent pins. Try checking that the corresponding MCU pins are not bent when the MCU has been inserted in the socket. The middle pin of the encoder is for ground, check that it is correctly soldered.

It’s quite difficult to monitor the signal coming out of the encoder pins without a logic analyzer :frowning:

Thank you for your help everyones

Ohh boy

Now I am not able to desolder the lcd to check under for troubleshooting !

I tried with desoldering braid and all the solder was pulled out, but I am unable to pull the lcd out of the board. It is still very tight indeed…

Now what ??

Have any clues somebody?

any other way to know if the encoder is deffect or to know if there is a bad solder under the hood :slight_smile:

if you want to remive the lcd its best to cut the stacking connector between the baord ( its a 5ct part) ant then further cut it into individual pins and desilder these one by one

Do you really suspect that the problem is under the LCD? Have you checked all the other suggestions?

Yes all the suggestions was checked, the only thing left the try is to exchange with another new encoder to test,

It is not me that has built this unit and the solder job is very bad made, so I dont know how it been solder under the LCD…

you can check connectivity from the pins of the MCU to wherever you want without taking out the LCD.
however, if there’s something bad underneath it then fcd72’s advice is the best. just make sure you do not bend the header pins while cutting to avoid pads coming off.
i have successfully desoldered some LCDs from Shruthi’s but it’s a troublesome desolder wick party and requires some patience, not really worth the easy to get header.
good luck

ok. thnk everbody

It is fix ! I found the cool solder under the LCD

I have pulled very hard the LCD instead of desolder it

great support on this forum

long live mutable instruments…