Magnetic Fields: How Do They Work?

Ok, my recording set up is very sensitive. Extremely. Anyway, I live in a radio dense area so I take a ton of precautions to avoid external signal bleed. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Take for example the Earth’s magnetosphere. See, I can actually pick it up if I so wanted to. Obviously, I don’t. So about 48 hours ago, it just showed up in my audio signal path that I had been using for the past week or so. Nothing else had changed except the weather - which I have no control over. So for the past few days I have been trying to solve this problem.
Turns out that the power supply in one of the synths somehow stored this extra potential energy and was pumping it into my audio cables via magnetic inductance. It didn’t help that I was just busing the signal with a curly Q cable, basically an inductor, because it introduced no audible noise or decrease in the higher frequencies. Once I removed this cable from the path, the issue was eradicated. Essentially I had some Tesla wireless energy transfer going on.
The cool thing about this was that I didn’t just hear the magnetic field, I also heard the MIDI signals. That was pretty neat.

Does any one know of any way to avoid picking up unwanted electromagnetic fields? Are there any audio cables that are better for protecting against this?

Sub topic for the thread: What is the most memorable thing you accidentally recorded?
I would have to go with a solar flare for mine. It was not pleasant. The feedback loop lasted for over 5 minutes after removing all power and audio cables from my speakers. Did I mention that I was asleep when it happened?


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I don’t think so. This signal faded in. The noise floor of the signal was 1/3 of my maximum volume at its peak. One third of my audio signal was noise and electric hum. It has dropped off a bit. basically, the local change in the magnetic filed - probably caused by the weather, I have yet to determine the cause - increased the magnetic potential energy. As it had no where to go, it seeped into the inductor like wire that I was using to bus my signal to the mixer. When I changed the wire to my regular audio cable, it dropped back down to the same level as the noise floor. It is still audible in the noise floor. A recording from 48 hours ago with the same set up did not have this noise.

Also, the sun changing polarity would not increase the potential energy alone. It may affect Earth’s magnetosphere thus causing the current issue, but it could not do so alone. It would be pretty crazy if that change caused all the nasty storms around the globe these last few weeks, and I’m just here complaining about a noise floor.

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