Machineophile Anonymous Support Group(TM)

This is where we can all share out love of devices wrought from technology instead of flesh and blood without judgement.

I would like to start off the meeting with an inspirational true story of love.


Do it with furniture!

Guys, slowly I’m becoming seriously worried…… all now go play with my VS :wink:

I heard the tale of that heroic man-on-couch public sexual display. Perhaps one day the world will come to accept the love between a man and an object, rather than shame us with moralistic hate-mongering.

wÖrd! No furniture was hurt or harmed during the typing of this message.

Perhaps one day, Germany who now officially has a third sex, will come to accept Frank’s bigamy - sharing his time between his wife, the VS and teh friggin laser :smiley:

Meanwhile, I can only hope Scandinavia is tolerant enough to accept my synthesizer obsession and whatever other transgressions I made towards electronics.

Frank you’re one of those guys that’s building a death ray in his garage? My friend has the same obsession. His is going to knock his entire block off the power grid soon.

Keep the VS away from the laser! Please!

Haha, I can see it now! Frank, just like Goldfinger, threatening a Virus with his laser of death. Epic!

Back when i was a child i wanted to build a huge machine that has loads of knobs and blinking lights. I think - looking at my Modular - I’m quite successful. But don’t fear, as even italian cars don’t rust anymore i have no garage. Which makes the world a safer place.

His massive, bond-villain scheme is to destroy all the virtual analogs in the world! For some reason, the Brits cannot accept this, and deploy MI:6 and Agent Audiohoarder to prevent it.

Save me a Supernova! And a Q. One fine day those too will inhabit my rack of teh dark side!
I can totally see how a femme fatale named Ambika trying to reason with Frank.

Ambika Fagina?

Yup, and her sister Nixie Normous.

well, this is an interesting thread.

Welcome, friend.

Do you guys think if cats could marry boxes, Maru would?

My girlfriend’s cat is is named “Boxy” for that very reason. When she isn’t crying to go outside (yes I made her an outdoor cat in LA because her life seemed shitty- now she loves me), she’s pissing on something. But damned if she isn’t a good looking cat. Plus, my dog loves her! First time in my life I’ve ever understood why people like cats…(I’m terribly allergic)

She’s my assistant in the studio:

Maru’s a really adorable little plump furball. All hail our feline overlords!
Boxy looks like a happy little cutie, she’s found true zen.

If she’s peeing it’s usually a sign of distress, or she’s protesting something. See if you can rearrange her litter box and give her lots of play time. Or, rather have her owner do it. Still, cats normally require very little compared to what they can offer. Being a cat allergic must be damn hard!

Yeah my girlfriend also has a dog who now only responds to me, too. How these animals survived before I got here is a mystery to me. But yeah she probably needs a litter box cleaning and maybe a move back to it’s original location. I can’t get in a cat’s head like I can a dog- I’ve never owned one or cared for one!