Machine jazz with real guitar

I finally have something I’m not completely embarrassed to share here. It’s sort of quiet, sort of loungey, and has the most original title you ever saw. Modular was recorded first, and then guitar was overdubbed on the 2nd pass. I don’t have a DAW; everything was done on a primitive hardware recorder. The guitar is a 4-string tenor because I’m too lazy/uncoordinated to learn six strings. Grids is driving the rhythm, with a little euclidian assistance from BASTL LittleNerd. Plaits is playing chords.

I also apparently don’t know how to embed music here. Is the link by itself sufficient?


What kind of tenor guitar do you have? I d like a 4 string guitar. For the same reasons. I never managed to learn to play the guitar. It doesn’t seem to fit my hands. But I discovered a ukulele actually works great for me.

It’s a stripped down barebones Earnest Rosetta “au naturel” … I bought it about 15 years ago when nobody was making tenors so the only way you could get one was to have a luthier build it for you. Earnest Instruments is still around and his work is superb - but very pricey. Until I started building my modular, it was the most expensive instrument I ever purchased.
Now though, Eastwood Guitars has factory-made tenors in the $500 range that look pretty good - I’ve thought about getting one but I’m having trouble rationally justifying another such purchase. If you want an electric ukulele, you can’t go wrong with Risa. I have their ukelectric tenor model and it’s very well made. I had to mod it a little because the switch was in the way of strumming, but otherwise it’s excellent.