mA manual vs modulargrid

Hi Émilie,

I am reaching the upper limits of my power supply and was hoping you could clarify the mA consumption of the official manual vs modulargrid. I am keen on understanding a bit better how power consumption works.

modulargrid - 120 mA
manual - 110 & 120 mA

modulargrid - 25 mA
Manual - 10 mA

70 to 90 mA (depending on LED’s). I rarely have more than 1 or two channels patched. Would this be more likely to err on the 70mA?

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The discrepancies could be due to people editing the modulargrid page, or the measurements being taken in different configurations of the module.

The impact on current consumption of having LEDs lit in orange, as opposed to off, can be 10mA in the worst case, per LED. This is particularly true for modules released before 2018, which do not use very efficient LEDs, and wasteful linear regulators to power their digital section.

Sure, but do you really want to be in the situation where you’re generating excessive heat, or are dealing with a noise problem, just because you have not been careful to turn back all unused channel attenuators to 0 on Blinds?

Given the variability in consumption mentioned above, and the fact that the capacity of a PSU depends of components of undeclared tolerances, you should keep a fairly generous margin, say 20%.

If your PSU is rated for 1000mA, you should draw the line at 800mA, and the details of LEDs being on or off should not matter then.


Thanks for the clarification.

Edit: I should have said I am close to reaching the recommended 80% mark of my power supply.

Great info. Thank you!