M-Audio Firewire 410 and .mid firmware problem

I’m trying to update my firmware to the latest version using MIDI, and I’m encountering problems. I’m on a Mac, and using Snoize’s SysexLibrarian . My MIDI interface is an M-Audio Firewire 410. The Shruti refuses to recognize the data as it’s being sent to it - the led’s on the right side just stay lit, as though it’s still waiting for data, the “progress” led’s never start lighting up. I successfully sent earlier versions of the firmware, but I was on an older PowerPC computer then, with a different MIDI interface (I’ve since upgraded my computer, and now my old MIDI interface no longer works with my Intel machine, as there’s no UB drivers for it). I should point out that I’ve not yet done the CNY17-1 optocoupler fix yet, as I had no MIDI problems in the past so their was no pressing need to do the fix. My questions:

1) Has anyone used the Firewire 410 to update the firmware via MIDI successfully?
2) If so, using the original optocoupler or with the CNY17-1 installed?


Does MIDI work for something else than firmware update (notes, etc…)?

This is not a software problem: I’ve installed Snoize Sysex Librarian and could do the upgrade with the files from firmware factory, with the librarian’s default speed (125ms between messages).

I’ve got a 410. I don’t think I’ve successfully updated through it. Although I don’t waste too much time with it anymore. The fix for many problems over the years is to assume the 410 is the garbage it is and pretend it’s broken because that’s what it’s doing - pretending to be dead. It usually works the next day or a couple of reboots later.

In the firmware update thread for .56 I mention trouble updating using the 410.

I’ll mess with it in the morning, see if I can’t generate any headaches.

Maybe make sure the driver/firmware is up to date on the 410.

@Olivier - yes, basic note triggering on/off works fine through the device.

@KSD - yeah, I saw that post of yours, was wondering if you ever ended up having success - I have the latest driver, but will check the firmware, thanks.

Ugh… OK, so here’s what I tried tonight:

1) The M-Audio device is running the latest drivers, etc… I tried again with Snoize, no go. I even tried turning the Transmit Speed way down, to like 500 bytes/sec - no go. LED’s 9 and 11 just stay lit, and even though orange LED 12 blinks, I get no progress LEDs, and the firmware doesn’t load.

2) I brought home a PC laptop from work, and installed the driver for my previous MIDI interface that worked before when used with a Mac (a Roland SMPU-64, pretty ancient). With that, I first tried MIDI-OX to send the file, no go. I might have been doing something wrong, but I don’t think so. Anyway, then I switched to the easier-to-use Send SX . With this, I thought I had the problem solved; I saw the progress LEDs light up, through the 5th one – then the file transmission ended, and the Shruti just hung. Now when I power on the Shruti, all I get is the first and last two (green/orange) LEDs list, and no display on the screen.

Ideas of what to try next???

Victory! So I remembered that my wife’s Mac is an older PPC one, so I connected it to my old Roland SMPU-64 MIDI interface, and using Snoize Sysex Librarian, it worked fine to update the firmware.

So my question in general - will these headaches go away when I swap out my original optocoupler with a CNY17-1?

No, prolly not. I gave it another go yesterday morning and had no luck; same as described by you:

“the led’s on the right side just stay lit, as though it’s still waiting for data, the “progress” led’s never start lighting up.”

Using Sysex Librarian, I tried this on a Shruti-1 with a CNY17-1 and one without. Same thing.

Pretty sure it’s the 410 not the optocoupler.

Through the SL25 it worked like a charm.

Alright, will borrow a 410 to double check, and will make sure that there’s no problem like that on the Shruthi…

Thanks Olivier - let me know in the interim if there’s anything you want me to check here on mine…

Using a 410 here on mac os 10.6 and no problem to update m’y shruti with Logic via midi…

410 on OS X 10.5, problems updating the Shruti without the CNY17-1 fix! (It receives note on/off though). Investigating if it’s due to glitches common enough to corrupt a long string of data…

@EATYone - weird, I tried that exact configuration, and no go on mine.

@Olivier - yes, that was my experience as well: note on/off fine, but no go on the firmware update.

At the moment, I am playing with a MIDI echo device I’ve built on a discarded Shruthi-1 PCB (the MIDI circuit of the Shruthi is a classic from the 6N137 application notes, tested on devices on which the Shruti-1 with 4N28 failed). It forwards the data to another UART clocked at 57kbps, straight into an FTDI cable. A python program reads the data from the serial port and compares it to what the SysEx file is supposed to contain, to spot data corruption.

It appears that the 410 sends some pairs or triples of bytes twice, corrupting the SysEx stream. I double-checked everything on my side before hitting google with “Firewire 410 SysEx MIDI” and I found this

I’ll bring back home another audio card tomorrow (the totally awesome MOTU Ultralite) and declare the issue closed if I can’t reproduce the bug with it, and if the MIDI data I can record on the Ultralite MIDI in, from the 410 out is corrupted.

Interesting though that EATYone was able to update with his 10.6 and 410… Must just be a buggy driver that they introduced with the latest SL compatible drivers…

Thanks for digging into it Olivier! At worst, I suppose we can report it to M-Audio and hope that they fix it…