I’ve built this thing and it’s the awesomest Shruthi I’ve seen, period.

Hope it’ll go to a nice home!

I want to be married to her!

Wow, impressive! How’d you do the weird coloring? The description cracks me up btw. And what’s the reserve on it?

I have no idea how does the coloring works. The only thing I can say is that it screws up with light in ways I don’t understand. It’s sometimes reflexive, sometimes transparent, sometimes transparent but what’s inside looks purple or blue on yellow. It’s probably the same process as for CDs. The reserve price is the price of the kit + the 4 hours of work at half of what I’m currently paid :slight_smile:

Its the same trick used in MovingHeads or Scanners for filtering the color of the Light, its a Dichro Filter, have a look here.

The Effect with CDs is a rather different Diffraction Effect. You can easily distinguish between them as the Dichro FX does change by angle in a more discrete way whereas the Diffraction delivers a rainbow like Effect.

Referring to the description of Luxette… i want the same Drink!

hey wait, all of a sudden ssm2044 boards are available in the store! and digital control boards, too! did i miss the countdown again?

hm, looks like it’s time for my to build my second shruthi. or maybe i should wait for the digital control board v0.6 to be ready?

the best!

It’s a fake, it’s not a real Mutable instruments look at this picture:

lol i don’t know mutabile…

You’d be surprised to know the number of packages I’ve received which were labelled for “mutabile instruments” :smiley:

That looks great! If I hadn’t just ordered a kit, and I did the eBay thing (which I don’t), i’d have been very interested in that…
And a quick n00b question while I am here… So many Shruthi’s I see have different coloured screens. What colour screen is included with the kit?

Cheers, Paul

For this batch of kits the screen is white on blue.


Start the party, wilba’s here. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems that outside the midibox forums, Wilba only talks in lolspeak, kitteh or meme copypasta.

And it seems as if his Shift-Button is slightly defective.