- interesting music device/software

I just stumbled over this
Kind of interesting project. I wonder if you could do something this in a midipal app?

Cool - I’ll have to put that code into all my software sequencers…

Yeah, this would be interesting in a MIDI box. Definitely purchase worthy.

Just sent Luisa a love letter. Or more reasonable a motivation letter to get this into production. I’d pay good money to have this on my eurorack. I know, it sounds stupid but I would! Anyone with me on this?

I’m totally with you on this! Shall I send a letter too? Where did you send it to?

Aha! I’m happy to have you on board. I’ll message you her email address.

The newest video is very cool. It really would be incredible if it had MIDI I/O so you could add voicing to the unique composition process.

I also love the aesthetics of it. I want a big keyboard with that look!

I’ve sent her a mail! :slight_smile:
I also think that the design of the objects is really tasteful! I shouldn’t be an impossible project to transform into a product or a kit…

I proposed she either made a eurorack or go for DIY. I’m positive we could turn this into a module if we got the chip and PCB. It is arduino based after all. It would need a tempo in, probably a CV in too etc etc.

I wouldn’t mind standalone as well.


It’s becoming a hit: “we really love this little box of yours! Actually we think that we could really make good use of this one for our live performances, we work a lot with baroque counterpoint in our music!”

I wonder if the whole software is arduino based or that it just the controller in arduino…

I quote from the embedded video: "developed with arduino and processing/java. counterpoint algorithm adapted from cfgen "

Ok… then i think all the interesting parts are done in processing.

It’s all software; shouldn’t be terribly hard to port this to a microcontroller.

Anyone who’s willing to make me a replica?

The nicer thing to do would be to convince the creator of this that she should (kick)start a small business around it.