LT1054 on fitter board getting extremely hot

New to this forum Oliver suggested I come here and post this issue. It is a similar issue posted in the link below in 2012 but there is no solution to this problem though.

I’m working on a midnight filter board everything powers up fine but no sound (note: it still powers the control board with no apparent issues) Checked all contacts and soldering points and everything right at this point is directing to CP1 LT1054 DC/DC converter.
I’ve checked for sound and I have to put the gain up full volume to hear anything. There is slight sound but mostly hiss and static.
I’m using a 9 v 1000 amp wall wart power supply. I plugged power wall wart into another midnight board to see if it is another issue but not the case. Other board works fine. I get a reading of 7.84 v coming into pin 1 on the LT1054 and gets extremely hot.

This is a mystery I’ve ordered 3 more of these LT1054 chips to backup just in case. Pleeeeaaassee help.
Thank you,

What are the voltages on each pin of the 7905? Do you have a high res photo of your board?

Can’t troubleshoot the hiss but I properly burnt my thumb on that regulator when I was tuning my Midnight Edition. I had 9V going in. Switched it down to 7.5V and it’s cool enough to touch.

That’s from 9V down to 7.5V on the wall-wart.

Have you checked this?

Oh sorry. Don’t mind me. My Midnight works fine.

All fixed up works great now