LP2+delay board use for other projectsß

Hi, is it posibble to use the LP2+delay board for other projects?
If yes, how is the plan?



Yes, since it is not proprietary or undocumented. You can feed audio into it via the internal or external connections.

The hardest part will be changing filter settings.

Of course it’s possible but it’s not that straight forward. The delay is controlled by the MCU on the digital board so you will need to find another way of controlling it. There should be some information about that on the forum.
But what other project would you like to use it for and why? Maybe there are other easier solutions…

The delay time and delay level is controlled by a DAC, so your “other project” will need to include a microcontroller with a SPI interface and send the right data. Other parameters (cutoff, resonance, VCA gain, low-frequency feedback, high-frequency feedback) can be controlled with analog signals in the 0V … 5V range.

My interest is solely in the analogue filter section. I would build a CV mixer to attach to the front end of the VCF expo converter and do away with the resonance voltage control and put a pot in it’s place but my CV sources will include negative excursions from the LFO and my question is is that going to be a problem?

> I would build a CV mixer to attach to the front end of the VCF

You don’t need that, the circuit already has a CV mixer (mixing the voltage from the MCU with a constant -5V source).

> is is that going to be a problem?

No, but voltages below 0V or above 5V will result in meaningless cutoff/resonance values.