Love Braids PLUK

Would it be weird to have an Option to set the number of kNumPluckVoices? Such an Option would have a rather specific purpose (where the Options are generally for more global settings), but I love the sound of PLUK with the TIMBRE (damping) cranked way up (really vicious), but I’d like it to be true monophonic. I’m assuming changing that to 1 would make it monophonic, I haven’t actually tried changing it yet, device to upload code is on its way. I’m more asking in case others hear what I’m hearing and would like the option of having that mono, or poly. Great job on Braids, Olivier, it’s quite a powerhouse.

I too am in love with Braids and the Pluk is awesome, but I’m super frustrated in try to lay down a melody track with it. I wish there was a way to make it mono, since each note I play has the preceding notes bleed through and sounds nasty for trying to do a bass line or solo. Iv’e come up with a trigger that strikes 4 times very fast to eliminate the notes hanging over, but this is not optimal. Maybe there is a way to rewrite the code myself, but I’m a klutz at programming!

Technically, it’s easy, but it’s more a matter of not adding yet another menu…

It is super easy to hack the code to make it mono, I hacked mine. I’ll have to hack it each time I update the OS, but it’s not a super big deal. The biggest deal is getting a compile environment set up. :slight_smile:

Yes, I see your point, adding a menu would make it more difficult to use. Maybe if you could toggle through the number of voices, while the FM knob is fully negative (turned all the way to the left) and clicking the edit button. The display would read 1VCS 2VCS 3VCS 4VCS. I know it’s a hassle, it’s unlikely someone would have the FM knob at such an extreme setting and want to access the OS prefs at the same time.

> while the FM knob is fully negative (turned all the way to the left) and clicking the edit button.

I hate this kind of things. The probability that this will come unexpectedly to a user that doesn’t care about it will exceed the probability that the guy who genuinely needs it will remember the secret handshake 1 month after the update.

@bobborries: if you can program code, take a look at kNumPluckVoices. It’s set to 3, but you can change it.
+1 to pichenettes. I think FM knob to negative isn’t a nice solution. You could rather add another model (PLK1) right after the PLUK. It should be quite easy to add. Or the settings menu could show the number of voices setting each time you have selected PLUK. Or add a permanent settings menu wich shows a specific setting for each selected mode… or…
I can also add it. However it will still take a week until I finished my eurorack case. Until then discuss your preferred way to edit the kNumPluckVoices :slight_smile:

@pichenettes: how fast is uploading via jtag? fdti is a bit to slow for me to try things out.