Lousy video of the day (featuring Braids and Edges)

I screwed up big time with the audio, because it didn’t record it… so I’m left with the camera mic.
But I thought I’d share it anyway.
Music Thing Turing Machine Sequencer driving the Mutable Instruments Braids and Edges (with a bit of Ripples and Grids mixed in for good measure)


Don’t worry about the audio, that blinky stuff is all that matters. So shame on you for having the light turned on.

ok next video will be in the dark I promise!

You won´t be able to see the modules´ exquisite front panel designs if you shoot in the dark!

Maybe combine the two into one artistic clip!

Ok I’ve got it, let’s go for strobo light, so you can see the crazy blinkenlights in the dark or the nice panels depending on how you sincronize the blinking of your eye lids to the video.

I might need an Eye LFO for that

I think we just found an unexploited market niece!
And anyway… I think the brain should have patch points.

We are not that far!

Want silence? Stick a 10/100k Log pot next to your ear. Turn. Silence!

Imagine having a Eurorack helmet, choose your modules and patch away!