Lots of MI, new track!

All eurorack (252hp) except the break, sequenced with my Analog Four with a bit of external control by Bitwig, which I also used for recording, FX, mixing and “mastering”. This was all playable live, and I was tempted to try and “perform” it in one pass, but in the end I cba working it all out so I recorded in passes. I’m sure you’ll all be able to pick out Rings. :slight_smile:

The patch:


That was beautiful. I rarely sit through anything long, but I was sad to hear it end - nice ending btw :slight_smile:

The sounds were awesome. I’m working on polyphonic voicing with a Plaits and 1/2 an Elements port someone else did, adding modulations directly into the code (no where else to put it!). Being able to voice these models across 5 octaves is… well, I spend all day doing it :slight_smile:

I keep hearing bits and pieces that would voice out polyphonically beautifully in your piece. Thank you!

Thanks Skywriter, appreciate the feedback!

Nice atmosphere. Thanks for sharing!