Lost voices on my Amika

I have “lost” 4 voices… i receive the midi signal but no sound when i play it.

If i configure the Ambika just whise the voices 2 and 4, it’s work but just whise two polyphonique note.

Any idea?
Thank you

(sorry for my bad english)


I just tested all the voice cards. it looks like it comes from the atmega of the filterboards. I’ve inverted them all, and that will confirm the problem.

I suspect a concert last summer under a tent with 40 degrees …

Could I just change this compossant? where could I find it?


I went around the forum, and it seems that I must program the atmega.

I saw that we could use the SD card to load the firmware?

Or the best option would be to use an AVR programmer?

But before I start, there would be other options?