Lost lakes and Continents



After less than 1 year in and 6u (mostly MI stuff); here is my first album.

Hope you enjoy the journey!


Great stuff. Thanks for sharing it. Some lovely surfacey noises lurking in there at just the right levels.


Great stuff
Can you maybe show us the case you used most of the time?


Hi thanks for asking! Here it is.

Sold an O-coast and sto used for album. Also a frames taken out, which will come back again when new case arrives and a new plaits (see 12hp blanks!!)

Debating against replacing the sto I miss, but may go for sputnik!

The white vco next rings is a 3hp sds digital…

Out of shot : keystep and beatstep pro.


I like the blank panels!

The music was also pretty interesting as well. A pleasant yet sonically varied collection of tunes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words.

I’m happy with the outcome too!