Looping first note glitch

anyone else have a glitch where if you loop a segment of midi, usually just a measure, that the first note won’t trigger, or if it is, it’s not sustaining at all?

if i move the midi note just a teeny tiny bit (like 1/64th) then it will work no problem, so it hasn’t been too much of an issue…but if there’s a fix you guys know of then i’d love to know it

i’m using reaper…tested with software synths and other hardware synths and none of them are doing it, this is related to the shruthi


Do you have a way of recording the stream of MIDI data send to the Shruthi in this scenario?

My bet is that this could cause overlapping notes - something that the monophonic Shruthi does not accept. Do you have other mono synths in your setup to test this?

I’m not sure how to record the exact stream being sent to the shruthi, but i’ll look into it. i thought it was overlapping notes as well which is why i nudged the first one, and if anything its from reaper

however, the exact same midi loop does not cause any issues when sent to my arturia minibrute, my only other mono synth.

to test it i had the shruthi and the minibrute on channel 2 and 3 respectively, and alternated the midi data being sent from 2 to 3…the problem only occurred on the shurthi, 0 hiccups on the minibrute

hope that helps for now, will try to record the exact stream later

Stevism, just some general suggestions from a relative noob. The problem you’re describing isn’t uncommon for me when working in Live (not Reaper, but probably relevant), with the Shruthi, or with other monosynths. Like Olivier said, check not only that your first note in your measure isn’t starting before the beginning of the measure, but also that the last note isn’t overlapping the end of the measure.
Another thing is, on the Shruthi, check which mode you’re using for playback (sorry, that’s a poor way of phrasing it). Check seq vs. seq. lt vs arp vs. whatever. If you’re triggering a sequence using the last touch feature, the next time you hit that note, it’s going to do a note end / stop, and it won’t start again until the next time around.