Loom: alternative firmware for Yarns (looper, paraphony, and more)


So yes, it does the same with mutable firmware, version 1.5. What kind of routing do you use normally for updates?

I tried sysEx Librarian → Motu MK4 Ch 1 → yarns MIDI Input via a 5 pin DIN and that doesn’t work either. Maybe a USB to DIN cable is better to remove any issues introduced due to the sound card / midi hub?

Thanks for checking! My path is: SysEx Librarian → iConnectivity mio → Yarns. This step (from the Yarns manual) is the only configuration change I remember needing to make:

The SysEx data needs to be sent with a delay of at least 100ms between packets.

Yeah, I think it’s a good guess that the MOTU is causing problems. To confirm, you might be able to loop its MIDI output back to your computer and monitor for incoming SysEx.

It looks like the MOTU may have some internal routing logic for SysEx that might be preventing it from forwarding the messages:
MOTU.com - System Exclusive

Hello, amazing firmware! I was wonderinf if I could make a small layout request, or if this is already possible (still trying to wrap my head around the firmware entirely)

2 part layout: part 1: polyphonic not in audio mode (3 v/o CVs) with one joint envelope/gate (4 total outputs). part 2: mono cv/gate, clock/reset

This is for my oscillators that already take in multiple v/o and allow me to play chords as well as a baseline!

Thanks for any consideration

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I know I can get close to this with 4P, C> mode, as it gives me 4 CVs, 2 gates, clock/reset, but of course that’s only on 1 part so i have to do weird things to make sure my bassline is always played in a particular way vs having it on a separate channel. Your firmware allows a combo of M and P, which I love!

Hi, thank you :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately not possible due to hardware limitations. The difference between the CV outputs and the gate outputs, at a hardware level, is that the CV outputs have 16-bit resolution (65536 possible values), while the gate outputs have 1-bit resolution (2 possible values = on or off, nothing in between).

This means you can’t get a useful envelope out of the gate output, so this layout would need 5 CV outputs instead of 4. The only way to get more CV outputs is to get a second Yarns!

For what it’s worth, the 3+1 layout (included in stock firmware too) is basically this. You could send the polyphonic gates to an analog OR module to combine them, and then to an envelope generator, though it won’t have the same features as the Loom envelope.

Going down this road is what led me to create Loom’s paraphonic part/layout, to get more voices (and more per-voice dynamics) out of limited CV outputs, but then you don’t get the benefits of external oscillators.

Thank you for the response, this makes perfect sense. Again, please correct me but the problem with the 3+ layouts is that I don’t get clock/reset, correct? Actually, is there a way to do 3+1 but with clock/reset on the 2/3 gates (i.e. just use one gate for the polyphonic part), and then I can send that gate through an envelope generator? (Basically, the gate signal would just be an OR of the 3 gates)

I wonder if this is possible with 3+1 and C> mode but not sure those work together?


That’s true yeah – 3+1 will let you override clock, but only on gate 4, and it won’t give you reset or the OR’d polyphonic gate.

Here’s a one-off hack of version 2.6.1 that changes 3+1 to match your specs (poly OR on gate 1, clock/reset on gates 2/3) when clock override is enabled (untested :wink: )
yarns.syx (209.1 KB)

It’s a breaking change vs existing 3+1 clock override behavior, and the storage is running low on space for new layouts, so I’m undecided on how I would include this in future versions of Loom. Let me know if this helps you out, and we’ll go from there :slight_smile:

Amazing. Can’t wait to try this out. This would be the perfect layout!

Thank you!

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Hi Footkerchief,

I’ll admit I never was able to get the OR’d gate to work properly here unfortunately, as the firmware would freeze a lot when turning the encoder to select a new layout. When I did get to select the 3 mode, playing the second note (depending on rotation settings) would not trigger the Gate on Gate 1 (only the first voice would as normal). Thank you for trying though, and if you ever do have a stable release that has an Or’d gate for 3+1 mode, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for the heads up – I’ve seen reports about the layout selection freeze, but didn’t realize how big a problem it was. I’ll take a stab at fixing that in the next release!

For the OR gate – just to make sure, it still didn’t work even when clock override was enabled, right?

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No worries at all, again, really appreciate the effort here!

A couple things, I don’t think C> is enabled for 3+1 in the original firmware, so I coudln’t figure out how to enable it here. Perhaps I missed the setting? But it also would freeze so I didn’t keep trying. Perhaps if I do see the clock override setting and switch it, it will be there again?