Looking for video examples of Beads in trigger mode

Someone over on MW was talking about a video someone posted here using Beads to fire off different synced grains from a trigger. I’m particularly interested in this feature of the module, and was hoping to track down some video examples of it working in this mode.

Here’s the post:

“Beads has a surprisingly interesting potential for this use case. It depends on what particular features you need but you can trigger the grains manually, control their envelope, their size and most importantly, control the position of playback in the buffer (“Time”). This means that you can just record what you want to chop up in the buffer, and have a very simple and playable way to mess around with it, all in sync with your beats thanks to the external gate signals triggering the playback. I can’t find it anymore, but someone made a pretty convincing video showcasing this, with breakbeat-style chopping, you should be able to find it if you spend a moment going through the Mutable forum.”

Can anyone point me towards some videos showcasing this?

It was me and I finally found that video! can try to dig into a more specific patch for you if you’re interested.

Edit for additional thoughts: I’m giving it a try on my side and I ventured a bit further into the manual, it’s definitely super playable and fun. Please have a look at the “BEADS AS A DELAY” section, it should clarify a lot of what’s going on in that video. Obviously, depending on what you want to do, the harsh breakbeat style of that video may or may not be stylistically relatable, but I just tried this method with more abstract and mellow ambient stuff and I’m very impressed by how easy and playable the whole thing is. Somehow, I had forgotten that the delay mode was actually clearly advertised as a beat slicer mode in the manual, and I was just using beads in regular granular mode with external trigger when I wanted to achieve this, so this is quite a discovery for me too :slight_smile: One thing to note is that I don’t think the buffer size can be synced to exactly e.g. 4 bars or something, so if you want ultra precise synced beat slicing, you may need to make sure you give the TIME knob precise CV.

Edit 2: I played around this morning and recorded a small demo to show you, with a small beat to illustrate syncing. What happens here is that I’m triggering Beads with looped trigger ratchety patterns generated by Marbles and I’m manually changing the TIME control (the position to play from in the buffer) every now and then and playing with the envelope too. The audio source is just a bunch of random quantized notes played into the Mimeophon with a ton of feedback and delay and Beads “Freeze” button is on, so you can even just unpatch your audio source at this point and use it for something else if you like.