Looking for switch and caps for shruthi in Europe

Hi all,
Do you know where i can buy switch and caps in Europe ?

Try the usual suspects… conrad.de , reichelt.de and for more vintags style knobs musikding.de

Yes fcd72 i have tried but unfortunaly none of them provide these parts !

What special parts do you need that Reichelt doesnt carry them???

the e-switches and the caps. usually you would order them from digikey.

I usually buy from
RScomponent.com o distrelec.com

the problem is, as already reflected in the digital bom, that Farnell just carry the switches but not the caps. They used to have some of the caps last year, but not all (eg no round black, just red ones). but nothing anymore.

DigiKey have both, switches and caps. but there are some additional costs to be taken into account if ordering there directly from EU, as mentioned in earlier threads.

there ARE local wholesalers though who might be able to order me some digikey stuff, as they do all the time with Farnell. i’ll ask there as i need a bunch of these switches too, and also some buttons (i want round ones).
i’ll report back.

digikey do free shipping to anywhere if your order is over 100 dollars…just sayin’ :wink:

i did a shruthi order from them and didn’t get hit with any extra VAT. I’m based in Ireland.

You’re a lucky Irish man cause in France, i have paid extra VAT for digikey order … but in my case i need only switch and caps …
Rosch thanks for your proposition but perhaps i have found a solution !
I will let you know !

I gave in, and got the bulk of my self sourced Shruthi from Digikey, even though im in the UK.
Most of the euro suppliers are a pain in the ass. They either don’t quite have everything you need, or you have to order certain parts in quantity (Which is a wasted expense in itself).
Yes, it’s a bit more expensive when in Europe to go with Digikey. But they got pretty much everything, and you don’t generally need to order anything in silly quantities either. So the additional VAT and shipping costs are somewhat outweighed by the convenience factor.

It’s kind of more cost effective and convenient also I think, if you were to build more than 1 Shruthi at a time.

I’m a “big” customer of Farnell @ work, and i’ve got a direct number with someone at Farnell France, i’ll give her a call for that, she CAN import some stuff from us without taxe and put it in their EU stock. Ill try it NeXT week.

I didn’t know musikding.de looks like an amazing resource!
Apart from that I did my last orders on reichelt… but they lack the really cool type of stuff (like vintage knobs)

Ok Guys, i have found a solution with www.xoxshop.de
Thanks :slight_smile: