Looking for smr v0.5 documents


Anyone have the original smr4 mk1 v0.5 schematics? Also is there a picture showing which resistors are which ?

Im trying to do the sde mods and struggling a bit, having to cross reference the mk2 schem to the 0.7 schem to mine!

Many thanks


thanks, but thats only ythe 0.7 version. ive had a good look roung the site and github but only the later v0.7 seems to be on there


Did you try waybackmachine?

schematics or do you need more?

Thats brilliantly helpful rosch, many thanks!

Do you have any other info? I couldnt find the R designators eg r1, r2 - the pcb is marked with values (100k or whatever). either way the schems are really helpful.


I’ll dig out all i can, it’s from a website download in 2010 i think.