Looking for Shruthi XT PCB (or tips on how/where to make one)

Hi, I am new here so pardon me if this topic is taboo or something but I am looking to build a synth for my brother (he’s the musician, I’m only the guy who wants to build it). I want to go the Shruthi XT way and everything seems well documented with the schematics and BOMs.

The only thing I am not comfortable with is the PCB, I could just upload the eagle file to PCBWay and hope for the best but I have no knowledge or experience ordering custom pcbs. Is there a place/group of people where I could order the PCB or I’m left on my own.

If the answer is that I am left on my own, do you have any recommendations, PCBWay seems the cheapest but maybe some of you have experience with different providers or other tips.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ubald…
See here in this thread http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/5999/shruthi-xt-pcb039s-group-buy-#Item_256

Or on TubeOhm.com you get XT PCBs

You can also find the PCBs for the XT at Modular Addict, along with some filter boards. Thats where I got mine!