Looking for replacement slider potentiometer for My MV8000

Hi, i’m looking for some replacements parts on my good old Roland MV8000, in particular the slider potentiometer
Slide Pot

30mm Throw (45mm overall length)

10mm handle length, 10KB

i found it on ebay at 10$ each or on instrumental parts.com at 20$ each.
In both case i found it a little bit expensive…and i need eight of them… does anyone have any clue about where to find this piece of gear?

thank you

You can see if you can find any similar on farnell, mouser or digikey.

Unfortunately I’ve already looked but the pins are not on the same places. Thx

It very well may be a custom made part. Its all about the pin spacing with those and if it doesnt match, its no good. The volumes those are made at, there is really no point for Roland to use an off the shelf part unless it fits their requirements exactly. You can always try your local Roland service center, I’ve found Juno-60 parts stocked at one several years ago

Then I don’t think you’ll find anything cheap…

i don’t know how this works with Roland outside Europe, but here it’s quite complicated to have some spare parts with Roland France.

Last time i wanted to order spare parts for my MV8000 i was redirected to Roland Europe by Roland France, then they gave me a list of official retailers here in france which i had contacted to order my pieces, only two of them replied me, and only one ordered the spare parts to roland EU.
It costed me a lot for plastic buttons and 4 switches and i had wait more than a month…

Are you refurbishing the unit completely or are all of the 8 faders really gone? I’ve seen way too many people replaycing pots which just need cleaning. Just a thought.

4 faders are not working well anymore, the values are jumping constantly, I have totally unmounted and clean the sliders.
My unit is almost refurbished and I have done the DIY VGA/mouse extension card

panasonic EWANF 10k linear 30mm, they are discontinued, the same slide potentiometer were used on the MC505 and Yamaha dx7 Data entry

How did you find that out? im trying to find out the slider potentiometer used on the JX 8P im in the same situation your in. the edit slider is 99% nonfunctional.

Hi, finally i have find a way to repair my sliders.
You can see on this video what was wrong, the values were dancing by themselves…

I have replaced the faders from panasonic by these ones from ALPS : http://fr.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=RS30111AC00Vvirtualkey68800000virtualkey688-RS30111AC00V,

it was a little bit tricky and messy, cutting the pins, then solder some wires, but now it works flawlessly.

And i have done the same thing with my data entry slider on my DX7 + replacements switches from Mouser.

I would never had done this without building a shruthi-1 one year ago.