Looking for recommendation to modulate a dual oscillator

I have a few MI modules, so I am looking for a recommendation for an MI module to use to modulate a Buchla / TT 258t dual oscillator (might have 2 of them in the future). I am thinking Tides might be a good fit to sort of match the high level functionality of looping AD with 4 outputs that is possible with the Bucha / TT 281t. Does it make sense to pair these two together or would another module work better with the oscillators?

Stages is another great option, especially considering its flexibility. Gate sequencing, per stage envelop generation, etc. could go a long way in producing interesting modulation sequences.

Frames would be another great option, you could even use it in a MARF-like way and imitate Todd Barton’s recent video on using sequences as envelopes. You could also use its VCA’s to modulate the modulators, like controlling the speed of different segments of channels of the 281t or various parameters of Tides, and use those channels to modulate the 258t for some wild multitimbral ratcheting!

Thanks for the suggestions. I am trying to select a module that I can find in stock which is a little challenging at the moment.

Plaits would be great as a modulator oscillator. You can output a clean sine in the fm mode or a clean triangle in the tides mode. There are of course lots of complex waveforms you could experiment with too.

Thanks, I also have Plaits, which was my first MI module.

The Stages dual oscillator is a powerful, yet versatile dual modulation generator that can be used to create everything from basic modulation effects to complex rhythmic patterns.

Sorry, to what does this refer? The harmonic oscillator easter egg in Stages? Or a different module?

Edit: I understand now

If you’re really trying to get relatively proximate to the 281t specifically, I would probably hold out for a Stages. I’ve never used one but as far as I understand you’re able to dial in its envelopes etc. more individually if you want, whereas those in Tides will always be related to one another, moreso working/cascading together by design so to speak. But I’m sure either would be a good fit and inspire a ton of exploration with the 258t. You could also give Peaks a look but i’m pretty unfamiliar with it. I’m not sure what Stages’ status is. Shawn at Analogue Haven had told me they sold their last and it didn’t seem to be one of the impending restocks like Beads & Plaits, but it’s also still not on the discontinued side of the Mutable main site…

Yea, that makes sense, just reading more around and looking up some Buchla stuff it sounds like Stages has some slight similarities to something like the MARF. I was wondering what the status of it is since like you said it’s not discontinued yet, so hopefully there’s still another run in the works.

The final batch of Stages is scheduled in June. All manufactured units are already reserved by dealers. Their fate – whether they’ll be made available on the dealers’ website, or they’ll all go to people who have pre-ordered them – is unknown to me.


Thanks for the update!

I have not seen any preorders open, but maybe they were open a while back before I started looking for this module.

Was another batch of Stages produced after this one you mentioned? It sounds like one shop is getting more units but they said that the cost has gone up for them. I’m wondering if I should try my luck to catch a preorder with a shop I usually go with.

All the Stages have been sent to dealers in June and early July, it’s now discontinued.


Hmm, I wonder where they are getting inventory now. Thanks for the reply.

They are not getting inventory now. They got inventory in June and July.