Looking for LCD hook-ups

Something like this in the U.S. Anyone know where I can find something similar? Thanks.

i’m continuously crimping these cables as i haven’t found a real source yet. once my local electronics guy had some and i bought them but he apparently was too lazy to order more.
i’ve recently seen some like the one you linked to but for less contacts, also double female so one could cut them in the middle, which makes them shorter again. (i mostly need the jacks on just one end)

if you have some luck please post the results here!

I might end up getting some of these, I honestly don’t want to call Australia long distance in order to get the bulk discounts(I’ll e-mail them), but at $3.75 it looks like a decent price for the 2 headers and 16 7" wires plus they’re hooked up already. From the little browsing I did so far at Digikey, those headers are kinda expensive by themselves. I’ll let you know what/if I find out.