Looking for Eurorack version of Anushri sequencer/recorder

I’ve been fooling with a Modcan Touch Seq the past few days and, while it’s kinda cool, it may not be quite idiot-proof enough for me. What I’d really like to have is a four channel, external clock syncable version of the Anushri sequencer/recorder. I think it would be great to have a 4hp version of the Anushri sequencer, and you could add more tracks whenever you wanted to by just buying another 4hp module.


So, to record four parts, I record each part using a separate MIDI channel, and then each part is spit out of one of the CV/Gate pairs? Where does Yarns get its clock?

First, you configure it in 4M mode (4 monophonic tracks) to get 4 CV/Gate pairs. Each track can be on its own MIDI channel or not (it’s cool to have several tracks responding to the same MIDI channel, but with different arpeggio patterns for example!). You cannot record each part simultaneously. When you press record, the module asks you to select in which of the 4 parts you want to record.

Yarns has an internal clock or can use a MIDI clock.

Thanks for the detailed explanations Olivier, that is awfully close. I was hoping to use an external clock, Pamela’s Workout is what I’m currently using.

Every single time I hear about Pamela’s Workout.


Great, now I’m going to have to sell the thing!

I’ve been fooling with the Anushri for a few days now, really liking it. Combine it with a few Eurorack modules and it’s even more amazing, but I keep thinking about the sequencer. There is nothing quite like that sequencer for Eurorack that I’m aware of. The combination of CV recording or step entry is really handy. I’d still like to add a module of the Anushri sequencer to my wishlist. CV in, CV out, gate out, buttons for record on/off, ties, rests, start/stop, clock in, clock out and reset. Pots for tempo, something for modes (forward, reverse, etc.) 4HP (maybe unrealistic), one track. Buy as many tracks as needed, so I could start with one and grow the sequencer as required.

Or Yarns without MIDI and add a clock in? Something inexpensive enough that you could grow it to 8 or 16 tracks if you wanted to.

That´s a neat concept Randy!


Something like a “StepBud” DIY mono track CV step sequencer/arp.

So it would be 3 sockets, 2 pots and about 5-6 buttons. Maybe if the buttons are the small kind it would all fit in 4HP?

Would the “hackers area” of the CVpal be of any use for another 2hp expansion next to it with the pots and buttons? Maybe then you could have these functions added to it?

I’ve asked the guy who makes the NW2S if it could do this sort of thing, although it might be overkill. Not sure if the CVPal would be useful, I’d still need to add the actual processing. Maybe as a hacking platform, was that what you were thinking?

I was thinking of the CVpal as a partial hardware platform to which you add pots, buttons on an 2hp expander panel and a custom firmware, maybe ditch the cool digital oscillators etc., but keep the usb midi just because the socket is there? There´s a pcb area where you could solder a small back socket to plug the expander to?

This is all firmly “talk outta my ass” so please add lots of grains of salt!

The CVpal is using 99% of the available flash space and pretty much all the CPU is busy with the software USB stack. The “digital oscillator” is a hardware timer that has no cost - so removing it wouldn’t free a lot of space. What would free a lot of space and CPU resources would be removing the USB, though :smiley:

CV recording requires something more substantial than the crappy 10-bit DAC on the Atmega.

That’s why I wondered if the Anushri code/hardware could be a starter for something like this. Or a cut-down Yarns with clock in/out instead of MIDI.

Anushri’s hardware lacks CV inputs.

As for modding Yarns… you’re courageous :slight_smile:

Nope, more of a dreamer. I couldn’t justify buying four Yarns any more than I could justify buying four Anushris. I “accidentally” ended up with 7 Shruthis.