Looking for Braids scales overview

Although ancient :upside_down_face:, Braids is still one of my favourite modules. Now with the extra time provided by the lockdown I want to explore the scales option further. According to the 1.8 update overview, there must be over 50 scales. Is there an overview of all 50 scales.
@ pinchinette. I’m very impressed and happy that you decided to include Indian scales. I used to play Sitar and Rudra Vina and being able to quantize to them is a nice trip down memory lane.

The most direct and up to date reference is the source code.

Divide by 128 and multiply by 100 to convert to cents.

For example, the third option (ionian) contains these notes:

{ 0, 256, 512, 640, 896, 1152, 1408}

These convert to:

0, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 semitones.

Thank you so much. I’m currently compiling a list with eurorack modules (ones that I own) that feature scales. Much needed info if you want to play them from a common source. what’s missing in most of them is an option to change scales with voltage control. Maybe there should be a standard (yet another one?) that organises scales in such a way that when applying a certain voltage level a module always responds with an associated scale. One of the things that makes music created with eurorack systems somewhat boring is that scales changes that create harmonic tension are not easy to make. (unless you set all of them to chromatic and use an Instruo to control them) I’m currently looking at: Typhoon and Clouds, Braids, Tides 2018, C-Quencer DLX, Qu-bit Bloom, Yarns (?), Plaits (to a certain extend), Disting 4.

But on which input?

Here is another (much simpler! already implemented!) standard I propose: oscillators respond to V/O, end of the story.

It is the job of the sequencers, quantizers, keyboards, MIDI interfaces that control them to send the notes they should play. Braids’ quantizer was there for convenience – you’ll notice that no oscillator/sound generating released after that has a built-in quantizer.

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