Looking for black caps and 100k pot for Ambika

Hi All,

I am slowly getting my Ambika done. This last weekend I tested the power on the main board and could get all the voltages ok in the first try. Nice.

I think I have most of the components now, including the programmer to flash the controllers. What I could not get was the caps for the switches and the 100k pots. I am getting most of my items from ebay and element14/farnell as they deliver next day here in New Zealand for orders over 45nzd.

Trying to avoid the 35nzd shipping charge from Mouser, someone has or know how to get the black caps for the switches and the 100k pot?


Farnell has a series of caps that work, black is # 1123884. They are not as shiny as the “official” MI type but actually look nicer I think…

i know andre of tubeohm has or maybe had caps in reserve. just send him an e-mail.maybe he can also help with the encoders?!

Thanks for the advice!

I just put the order with element14/farnell.

I’ve also sent an email for Andre to see if they can send me the pot.