Looking for alternative potentiometer


The short version of my question first.
When looking at pot’s, what is the difference between shaft type “Flatted” and “Flatted / D”?

And the background for the question:
I’m trying to piece together an order, to get started on an Anushi.
I’m placing the order at Mouser and Farnell and I am almost done, but the “center detent pots” are not in stock either of those places.
Now I found Mouser Part No. 688-RK09D1130009 , which it seems to me is identical to 688-RK09D1130C3C , which is in the BOM.

Does anyone know is this would work as a substitute?
If not, can I use the 688-RK09D1130C3C which is listed in the BOM? The difference is only that it doesn’t have the center detent and it’s tolerance is 30% instead of 20%.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Flatted and Flatted / D are the same thing.

It’s your decision to know whether you’ll miss or not the center detent.

Thank you sir!
Placing the order! :slight_smile: