Looking for a small footprint 37-keys keyboard controller with full-sized keys. Alesis Micron?

@Huanah There’s no proper DIN MIDI Out on the iKeys Pro, only USB MIDI and Lightning & 30-pin iOS connector cables. It would actually be a decent option if only they had taken the trouble to add a proper DIN MIDI socket.

@V`cent I think the Micron also doesn’t feature aftertouch which I don’t mind that much. I also don’t necessarily need something cheap, I’d rather pay a little more for something good and in good shape. :slight_smile:

I don’t think any of the lineage (ION Micron Miniak) feature aftertouch :confused:
I would play with the keys before buying one, they felt ok to me at first, but that was because my only experience was with a Carillon 49key midi controller, that used the same keybed.

Once I got my Supernova, I was shocked at the difference in feel between the two.
That said, I haven’t broken anything on the Miniak yet, so that’s a plus :slight_smile:

Something like this probably has keys of the same quality as the Miniak, it looks almost exactly like the Carillon keyboard, right down to the graphics. The case shape is a little different, but the sliders, decals & display are the same, it costs pretty much the same, has the same outputs, so it is probably the same product(they are rebadged a lot), in a slightly different case.

I have Miditech 49-keys controller and it has Fatar keyboard.
Build quality is better than Micron’s keyb.

In that case I’d vote for the Miditech I linked to, seems they have improved, and they are cheap with midi and 16 controllers or so :slight_smile:

@V’cent, that’s good to know, but where are the 37 key keyboards? Those seem to be in short supply.

@piscione v’cent has a link above for the 37 key via Thomann. Price is 75 euro plus shipping which is 30 euro to USA…

That Miditech controller looks like a good deal if only I could get over that horrifyingly ugly curve…

How about the Arturia Factory Experience? You can get one of these without the software fairly cheaply. Full-sized keys, USB or wall wart powered, sturdy steel case, aftertouch, and controllers including knobbage, pitch/mod wheels:

@marzzz is there a way to configure what the knobs transmit when using it without the Analog Factory software? That and the Mopho are both only 32 keys but that is fine for how I usually want to play a monosynth anyway.

Another 37-keys synth: KORG R3

I would go for the Akai Miniak if you could find one for under $200. It’s just an updated Micron. I had the Micron. It is a great sounding synth.

@sammy123 I think I’ll try to find a sub-$200 Micron since it’s slightly smaller.

@ joshuagoran

It has a separate software just for control of the keyboard that can be downloaded from the website. If I remember correctly, it is just as easy to program the target device to the Arturia’s cc messages. It works great, I just wish it was a full 3 octaves.

@marzzz awesome, I found the mentioned software, looks very straightforward. I am going to keep an eye out so I can have a more-or-less dedicated Shruthi controller. I have been controlling it from my MicroSampler mainly but now that I’ve finally gotten a full-size keyboard with velocity and aftertouch (Roland Alpha Juno 2), I want another one mainly for the Shruthi.

@ Marzz or anyone else controlling a shruthi with the analog factory

I have the analog factory and I’m trying to use it to control the shruthi but I am having the following problem

The midi control center software that allows you to re map the cc messages stops it from controlling the analog factory software (which I have)

As there seems to be no way of saving different configurations only restoring factory defaults it is not useful.

Some of the cc’s work as is ie cutoff, resonance, attack and release and volume but the others don’t as far as I can see.

Has anyone worked around this without having to continually reconfigure the thing ?

Alternatively can I change the cc’s on the shruthi globally for all presets or even one at a time ?

I have not seen anything about changing cc’s in the manual so I assume you can’t.

I can list all the cc’s that the keyboard sends if that helps

In the Shruthi v1.0 firmware you can actually edit in the firmware source the CC associated with each parameter (for example, the filter cutoff is controlled by CC numbers 14 and 74).

@pichenettes That. Is. So. Awesome.

Sounds wicked but I assume you need programming skills and special eqipment to do that.

Back to trying to get ctrlr or the reaktor ensemble to work.

You don’t need any serious programming skills and you certainly don’t need any “special equipment” since you can just update the firmware over MIDI.

They only thing you need is a little patience to figure out what to change where and to figure out how to build the firmware on your computer. You really only need a little programming experience for this.