Looking for a small footprint 37-keys keyboard controller with full-sized keys. Alesis Micron?

I’ve been looking for a decent small footprint 37-keys MIDI controller keyboard with full-size keys for a while now. It’s kinda hard to find something good since the market seems to have settled on either 25 or 49 keys, so I’ve also been looking at small synths.

This way I came across the Alesis Micron. Has anyone used one of these? How’s the keyboard? Is the synth engine somewhat interesting in any way? Are there any other small 37-keys synths I might want to look into?

+its yellow!

I have Micron. This is one of the best sounding virtual analog with one of the worst interface…
I’m still considering the possibility of using Micron keyb for Shruthi KB…

BTW, what about a group buy for FATAR keyboards?

@MaxZorin Yeah, that figures. However, how do the keys feel?

@fcd72 Yellow is awesome, but I want something that’s less deep. A bit more like:

I had a Blofeld Keyboard for some time and I think it’s great. Had to sell it due to lacking space in my flat.
PROs are
lots of firepower sound wise (FM, Comb filters, samples, wavetables, cool mod matrix)
built like a tank
nice keybed (for a synth)
it can be pretty nasty if you want, but you can also get some really soft and smooth sounds out of it. Great both for pads and for cutting basslines.

CONs are
limited and sometimes cumberome interface (though it’s well done… the problem really is in the number of controls, which is low, compared to the number of parameters you can tweak, which is huge). You could solve that problem with an editor though.
heavy. The chassis is made of steel, 'nuff said.

If you want something smaller… what about the Novation Mininova?

If I remember correctly the Micron has normal keys.

I’ve been looking for the same config myself (cf this thread).

I ended up buying a Korg MicroSampler, which despite serious limits as a sequencer and the absence of Modwheel and Pitchbend, is a lot of fun for the price I paid.

If you are looking for a synth, the Microkorg (XL) is another option.

I have an AKAI Miniak which has same VA engine as Alesis Micron. It’s quite sturdy

Thanks for all the recommendation, but I’m explicitly not looking for something with mini or micro keys. Full-size keys for my fat fingertips only! :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone is looking to get rid of an Alesis Micron, please do let me know!

@rumpelfilter The Blofeld Keyboard looks lovely but is way too big for what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:


AKAI Miniak has full size keys and velocity sensitive and aftertouch

@cereyanlimusiki Thanks, missed that. Sorry.

Micon keyboard is a little worse than on my Nord Lead 3, better than SH-201 & Polysix…

@“I have an AKAI Miniak which has same VA engine as Alesis Micron. It’s quite sturdy”

There is a rumour that Miniak is a “stripped down” Micron… Probably DSP chips are not the same in comparison to Micron / ION, because aliasing is more audible on Miniak…

@t2k: I can understand that… its really a pity they made it so big. They could have redesigned the interface a bit and made it more compact. Waldorf should have sent me an email back then :slight_smile:

Seems like the 37 key format is disappearing. There are lot of 25 and 49 Key midi controllers, but 37 is missing.

Oops " I read “small keys” in the title, not "small, 37 keys keyboard"
My bad…

@dubtoms I’ve changed the post title; I agree it was confusing. Sorry. :slight_smile:

ikeys pro

The Miniak DOES NOT have aftertouch, it merely supports aftertouch messages via midi.
The keys are springy, full-sized, but feel cheap, sort of like a beginners synth-action keyboard, but I have to say that it doesn’t feel like it will die anytime soon, the case is one sturdy MFer.

Although the Micron is made of metal…
It seems like a expensive keyboard controller, but if you can snag one for cheap(ish) money, they are worth it, if not for the keys, then for the sound engine.