Looking for a single black button cap

Does anyone have a black button cap they could sell me or know of a UK source other than Mouser/DigiKey? £12 postage for a £0.20 part seems a little excessive,

I do have one I could sell you, though I can’t tell you with certainty when I’ll swing by the post office. I’m guessing that you’re looking for a rectangular/shruthi type cap, not a round one?

I have some of them but sending them to the UK might be more than £0.20.

Make one out of lego? :slight_smile:

I casted my own with two part resin. Kinda cool but they do have some bubbles, I don’t have a pressure pot.

V’ cent that’s exactly what I’m after thanks. There’s no urgency time wise. I’ve sent you a separate “mail”.

piscione - thanks for the offer - it was the £12 postage that was the issue for me. I wouldn’t have had a problem with say £2 but £12 for something so small and light was just too much.