Looking for a SammichSID Kit

Maybe someone here can get me help me out.

I had wanted a SammichSID for some time, but never really followed the progress to closely. Recently I decided to pull out the SID out of my old C64 in preparation of getting one. I noticed on the SammichSID site that it mentions it’s the final batch, but that’s it. There is no mention of it being depleted, so I took that as it still being available and bought a second SID in preperation. I scoured the forums and could not see anyone mention that they are no longer available. I have sent an email to the address supplied on the SammichSID site as well as a PM to Wilba on the forum. I never received a response to either of them. I also left a comment on the “SammichSID Final Batch![](” thread and there has not been any replies from anyone)

Does anyone know if the kits are still available and if so, who do I need to be friends with to get one? If they are no longer available, does anyone or know anyone that wants to sell their unassembled kit? I’d prefer a kit as I have already spent some coin getting ready.

Last thing i’ve heard is that Wilba announced the this time really final batch of the sammich sids and that was maybe end of last year if i remember correctly. i haven’t been reading much over there recently. the person to contact would be wilba, other people won’t be able to say something about availability. maybe he’s busy at the moment.
you could make a Want to buy post in the fleamarket section.

Basically he responds to the group of emails when he is putting together the batches. I got mine responded to really quick, so if he does another I imagine youll hear from him. Maybe youll have better luck ordering a smashtv kit?

Also someone is selling one pretty cheap assembled at chipmusic.org atm.

Thanks for the info! I pretty much assumed its sold out but it would be nice if the sammichsid site could be updated to being sold out. I’m sure he has is reasons, but it would be nice to know without having to send emails that don’t get responded to. I thought about posting a “want” on the forum. Might just do that.

The smashtv looks interesting as well as confusing. It looks familiar. Pretty sure I ventured there once before but didn’t look too closely at it. Think I’ll study the hell outta it tonight. Thanks for the link!

The search continues…well, at least until the Ambika boards arrive. I’m sure that will put all other projects on hold for a short bit :P. Oh, then Anushri will be available, so of course I’ll have to get that too. Meh, Maybe I’ll just set up a direct account with my bank and MI.

I picked up a Sammich on the fleamarket section earlier in the year. Un-built and with two 8580s.

You can always pluck up the courage to build the MB-6582. It’s not all that hard really, just needs a lot of parts.

or, if you don’t want all 8 voices you can always make a little stereo sid, also from smash TV’s boards: 1x core, 2x sid, 1xDINx4, (1x DOUTx4 if you want some LEDs), 1 encoder, a few buttons, an LCD and a wallwart, that’s about it. ah yes and a custom case :slight_smile:

True, but that’s a rather custom device then. No instructions.

Sammich and MB-6582 both have a good set of instructions, although they don’t hold your hand too much. Hawkeye’s build guides are also good.

The SammichSID and FM instructions are pretty good, I’d say. It’s a long time since I worked on my (still unfinished) MB-6582, but I don’t remember having any issues with the instructions for that, either.


well it’s not like put your right hand on the table, move your eyes to the left etc kind of instructions, but everything’s explained.

@rosch there are photos of all the parts, as far as I remember, which is pretty handy.


sure, i was talking of the standard project info on ucapps, it’s everything there too. just not every little step explained, because it’s up to the builder to know how it will be anyway.

My understanding is that the “last” batch of SammichSIDs has been and gone. Maybe there will be more, but that’s up to Wilba. What I can say from my experience with him and my limited time on the forums is that he (and they) seem pretty friendly to newcomers. My experience may have been changed somewhat by the fact that I clicked on the link on his forum signature that lets you send him the price of a beer via PayPal - he snuck me onto a pre-order list which was supposedly full (some people dropped out, I guess), sold me a couple of SID chips he’d said he’d sold out of, and then months later queue-jumped a friend of mine for a SammichSID and a SammichFM just because my friend knew the guy who had bought him a beer that time. Evidently beer is a powerful currency in Australia :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: I have no idea if buying him a beer will persuade him to sell you one of his secret stash of kits, or if he even still has the link, but I’d be willing to bet that it would get you a reply to your email at least… But don’t quote me on that)

Haha, good to know! I will look into this beeribery™

EDIT: I certainly don’t want to insult anyone that is a frequent midiboxer. I’m spoiled rotten with the amount of quickness and thorough information around these neck of the woods. I probably should put my two SID chips somewhere else other than right next to my computer monitor for me to stare at every day.

haha i don’t believe he has drawers full of secret stuff. but like you said, someone might have dropped off the list, or he might have bought back a tube of sid chips from one of the megasales. but certainly a beer is never a waste!

here’s a midibox SID Walkthrough
and the becoming of a midibox sid
unfortunately the pics in that thread are missing, maybe since the forum migration in 2009, or maybe it’s just my pc.
anyway be it sammich, 6582 or ordinary sid from individual building blocks, it’s always the same thing. there’s different DIN and DOUT handling for the control surface on the MB6582 but if you choose to make a matrix you can easily use the 6582 specific firmware on your build. it’s really just wiring after you built and tested the boards.

wilba is good peoples. shoot him a mail describing your unending lust for a sammichSID and he may oblige you :slight_smile:

> rosch, thanks so much or clearing away the haze and laying it out. I’m really diggin on the idea of building one from the smashtv PCB’s! With the info and links you posted I feel a lot more confident moving in that direction

> ootini, thanks, I’ll shoot him another email with a plight of decrepecy. I have no doubt wilba is awesome. It’s my lack of patience that was getting the better of me.

Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated

Maybe I have a already completed and working sammich Sid, i build it some time ago for future experiments, I active j5 connector for to put out gate signal and drive analog eg

FYI, if anyone is interested, is a new batch being assembled. The email states they MAY ship with better LCD’s (Optrex) and WILL have Lexan overlay for the case, instead of engraved. I don’t know if there is any more pre-order slots available, but shoot Wilba an email if your interested.