Looking for a particular midi connector


I’m modding a korg volca to add midi output. The mod is very easy, however no connector will fit in the little box. I need an “outward” femal connector like this one: http://postimg.org/image/4brs59vxd/

Anyone knows a ref ? I tried browsing sparkfun and mouser but no luck so far…


Ignore the picture, they just use the same one across many part numbers in the range. Check the PDF datasheet.

Thank you !

oh… minimum basket must be 20£… I wish the store nearby had these.

Yeah, Farnell make you order a certain amount. But look for the part number elsewhere?

Preh 71206-051

Found something similar in a french webstore: http://www.conrad.fr/ce/fr/product/733403/Embase-connecteur-femelle-bride-contacts-droits-DIN-45322-5-Poles-Avec-brides-Lumberg-0107-05-1?ref=searchDetail

Ordered ! :slight_smile:

Cool. At you can see at the end of the socket, it’s designed for plugs which you can lock onto the socket. But this won’t matter.

Yes, a “normal” midi cable should fit here.

BTW, just tested the mod with a breakout cable and the volca bass makes a cool little sequencer for the anushri :slight_smile:

Did you know, the Anushri has a Sequencer Built in ? :wink:

Yes, I know, and it can be interesting at times. But it’s far from my needs and habits.

Ultimately, I may pick this one: http://www.acidlab.de/shot.php?pic=http://www.acidlab.de/ProductAssets/Autobot/Autobot_2_medium.jpg

> The mod is very easy, however no connector will fit in the little box.

you could also use a standard trs (stereo) jack and a trs-plug-to-midi cable.

I’ll keep the jack idea for future mods (I saw lots of mod points on the pcb and they are clearly labelled !)

See: http://iamcomputo.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/20140102_215347.jpg

More solder fun to come :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a better idea to have outward connector than use a small socket and use an adapter cable.

I agree. I’ll keep the jacks for modular stuff.

+1 for the TRS to midi cable. This is how my Monotribe midi kits work

It’s funny, that Amazing Machines is offering a Midi Out Kit for the Volcas for $48,00 +$24 for shipping (Volcano )

Has anybody an idea, why they use a 0,1uF electrolytic capacitor? It’s absolutely unnecessary!

the midi out on the volca. What is it good for? The volcas are fun machines for sure, but the sequencer seems rather limited (and I am sure the midi our does not transmit all knob data?).

What i would love to see is a proper DIY (or not) hardware sequencer, a sequencer that does combine some serious features with some playful additions like randomization and euclidean modes, a HW sequencer that would be able to drive a small arrangement using different synths, not just a single sequence (plus some extras) like the MidiAlf, Fryd or DarkTime. Maybe in a similar form factor than this Sonic Potion LXR.
And then use it to drive a volca, and a shruthi, and another shruthi, …

I don’t know why they offer a midi out kit… all you have to do is solder a connector to the three mod points provided…

Morcego, actually the volca sequencer is very good, very playable and simple. Great for live use in electronic music. The ability to skip steps is a very nice feature. Plus it’s very compact, can run off batteries and is very cheap… perfect companion to other synths,what’s not to love ? Also, you can use it as a clock source.

>What i would love to see is a proper DIY (or not) hardware sequencer

MIDIBox Seq 4.