Looking for a mixer module with pan

Hello folks,

i am looking actually for a mixer module with pan, it would be awesome if the pan would be controllable via CV.
Found some stuff, but it looks like the MFB Drum 98 is not on stock/deliverable and the Circuit Abbey Unify is more than expensive for a mixer…
Any ideas or suggestions ? It looks like this is some kind of niche. If there is a DIY module available too, this would be great to know.

Intellijel Dubmix?

L-1 Stereo Mixer

L1 sounds interesting, the Intellijel seems to be a bit over the top.
I don’t think i need sends and such. This is nearly a real analog mixer in eurorack format.

L-1 is great, and the Abbey Circuit is not really “more than expensive” (by modular standards). Doepfer had a very interesting one that never made it into production.

If it has to be really cheap, MFB like, then you could try to do a stereo mixer from two mono. In the simplest case, all you should need is one additional pot between the channels (and CGS has single channel pcb for $5). CV panning is more difficult, issues with equal panning and all that. But there are a few inexpensive modules available (doepfer), so you could add these as needed. MFOS also a pcb I think.

Is the MFB gone for good or just temporarily not available? I would expect it to be back in stock soon.