Looking for a Midipal for sale?

Anyone have one for sale?


Greetings. Are you still hunting for a MIDIPAL?


I have two that I bought new. Bought each BARE…no case…intentionally. I was going to fabricate my own case design and, to this point, haven’t gotten around to that. I purchased them from an independent synth builder.
If interested, I’d be willing to sell one of the two.
I’m new to this forum, but can gladly do photos/discussion at my real-life email address. Happy to talk here, as well.

Mark Meador

On eBay, I am " hook1111 ". I’m in process of selling ALL my new Eurorack Modules and the Midipals crossed my mind. One Google search later and, BOOM…there you were.


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Hi, yes I am looking for one. Can you pm me with price and location please?