Looking for a couple of Anushri Parts

Can’t seem to find a place in america to get the “3.5mm Jack, PCB mount, vertical”, anyone know of any place to get some, or equivalent? Also, the “DPDT switch, PCB mount” (SW7, SW8), anyone know of something from mouser that will work for that?

I got the boards and the case, very nice! However, some mailman wank (I assume) put something very heavy on the boards, smashed the IC’s and warped the boards, but I was able to straighten the pins (took a while though). The warped boards are going to be fine, was just a little harder to get the screws to line up. Any help would be great! Love this stuff…

The boards are naturally warped - that’s because there’s some uneven patterns of copper on each side. It’s not a problem though!

If you have problems with the chips (broken pins) I will send replacements.

They straightened up fine (the chips), but thanks!