Looking for a compact MIDI keyboard

Hey all!

So, I built my shruthi about a month ago, and every time I use it, I am always amazed at the sound! The menu structure is very intuitive (more so than some other “synths-in-a-box” by much larger companies) but I am, at the core, old school when it comes to synths/recording. I like hands on when I’m tweaking. The CTRLR panel I built is nice for getting into the modulation matrix, but when it comes to creating a patch from scratch, I want to reach for a dedicated knob. Right now I am using an M-Audio Oxygen25 and have the filter, plus both osc waves & parameters assigned to the 8 knobs. This is nice, but I want more. Unfortunately, most of the compact keyboards I see have only 4 to 8 knobs, 1 or 4 sliders and a touchpad matrix. It seems most companies are angled to sample based control. I do not use Ableton and have no use for pads. What I am looking for is a compact keyboard that only has knobs and faders in abundance. The only one that I noticed that comes close is the Akai MPK25 (the 49 is too big, but more of what I am looking for). Whats nice about that one is the 12 knobs has 3 pages each for 36 individual parameters. If only the pads were replaced with faders, I’d be set! Enough with the damned pads! Anyway. Hope someone knows of something I’m missing :slight_smile:

Build this! :slight_smile:


or build this

@ flip, lol, yeah, that was the first thing that came to mind. That thing is nuts

@ fcd72. I guess that could be an option. i do remember reading about that. What I would probably do is gut my 25key controller just for the keys and build a box around it to house everything. I was kinda trying to steer clear of something like that because of the amount of time needed to make it. I’d much rather just buy a key controller, but, if I cant find what I want, I’m sure I could find the time :stuck_out_tongue:

@ fcd72, btw, you sell kits for that right? Would it be possible to get everything for it but the enclosure? If so, what would the cost be with shipping to US? Thanks!

i recommend you a novation remote compact, 8 knobsx 4, and the screen on up where name of the parameter is wrighted! very very useful… plus one on the only which handles sysex and nrpn in agood way…


drop me a mail at daniels (ät) daniels (minus) cards (dot) de . . . .