Looking for a cheap and small keyboard

I am looking for a very small and cheap keyboard just to play some test notes on a Shruti e. g. The Korg NanoKeys would be good. Or something compact with mini keys. But all I find is for USB use.

Who knows a cheap keyboard like described? Or is it possible to connect a Korg NanoKeys to standard Midi somehow?

Thank you for your input!

I have a Casio GZ-5 which I haven’t been using much…PM if interested?

Nanokeys ist USB only….

You can connect any usb keyboard through a usb-midi interphase thing.

For a compact keyboard (ergonomics aside) I love my Qunexus from McMillen.

It has native cv and you can get the usb-midi adaptor for it.

As a compact full-size key 25 I have a cheap Alesis Q25. It covers the basics all right and has midi din.

Another easy alternative is to get a midi cable for your iPhone-ipad-ipod (if you have one). I test with it.

I have a nice cheap Alesis Micron for sale; see The Marketplace.

Hi everybody!

Frank: I know. I thought there might exist an adaptor cable. Just found this site: "MOCO":http://morecatlab.akiba.coocan.jp/morecat_lab/MOCO-e.html - I don´t understand really what it means but it looks interesting. Could this perhaps be a way to connect the Nanokeys to a Shruti?Varthdader: The Qunexus looks good but isn´t cheap and needs an extra box for Midi. The Q25 looks good also but in that size category I already have a Bassstation 1 Keyboard.
joshuagoran: Thank you for your offer but I don´t think I could fall in love with it.t2k: I think about it. But Frank is already tempted…

You need a USB MIDI host device. A computer is an obvious example but the cable-style adapters are not that. There are USB host Arduino projects around that might help.

@loopino The MOCO thing is just an USB MIDI adapter for use with a computer; not an USB Host for MIDI devices like you’d need with a NanoKeys.

it’s a shame that all these new controllers only have USB. I also have some rarely used midisynths that would be fun to hook up with one of the small controllers from korg, arturia, akai, …

You could have a look at the Kenton USB host, it allows to plug in a USB device and puts out midi data: http://www.kentonuk.com/products/items/utilities/usb-host.shtml
But I tried it and was not too happy (everything felt a bit sluggish, also yet another box with yet another power supply is not what i wanted). The MidiConnect2 might be a bit better.

As far as i am concerned , the companies should really add a simple midi conventional midi out, in addition to USB, like arturia seems to do with their forthcoming stepsequencer.

If you really just look for a basic master keyboard, I would recommend to go for one of these cheap Alesis or Miditech keyboards that have a proper midi out.