Look! somebody ported Grids as M4L device

I came across this when I was browsing through M4L.com

Grids 1.0

I do not know whether developer is member our community but here is the developer’s website

too cool.

Ooh wonder if it works on anushri

Oh wait isn’t there already one for anushri ?

It’s already built in anushri, you don’t need an external sequencer for that.

If that is actually a port of the Grids code, then shouldn’t it be licensed under GPL-3.0? The license field currently says: None.

Oh I see it is the lookup tables, I thought it was just a controller object

Is there any way to make it work with the expert sleepers ES-4?

this isnt based on the code, its just based on the concept it seems. It only sends out midi, so have the expert sleepers modules do the midi to cv conversion for you id guess.

He writes on his site it’s a port? He probably reused the drummaps?

double post deleted.


it is indeed based on Olivier’s code, it is a full port, not a controller. I just removed the thing that don’t make sense in max4live (cv inputs, internal clock generation, tap tempo, clock output, random output), and kept the rest.

@Herrprof : you are right i updated the licence. thanks for pointing it out !

The current version on maxforlive.com and my site is based on javascript, which in live does not run in sync with the rest. i am porting the whole thing to a Max C external that should be much tighter synced to the bpm. i should be able to release this new version in the coming days.

About using it with ES-4, if you find a way to use midi notes in live to trigger your ES-4 i see no reason why this would not work.



Hi All !

i updated the max4live device. it now works as expected.

enjoy !


Hey both Mutable Instruments and Grids for M4L featured in Ableton Free Stuff Friday blog post today

Love this device thanks henri :slight_smile:

Got a chance to play with it, and its super fun. Ive just been turning knobs and rendering clips of the fun stuff as jumping off points in live.

Since this is the most recent Grids related thread I might as well ask here: is the Amen beat included somewhere in the Grids patterns? I’ve always wondered since I read that Olivier included the most common beats found in electronic music.

I think the interesting thing about how the Amen break has been used in electronic music is more in how it sounds sped-up, chopped, and re-arranged, and not so much its original pattern.

> is the Amen beat included somewhere in the Grids patterns?

This question doesn’t make sense given how Grids works.

Maybe the question could be: What did you use as source for filling up the grids drum maps?