Longshot: DC power jack

I’m building my IR3109 board, but I ordered the wrong part for the DC jack; instead of ordering this from Digikey, I ordered this from Mouser, and its legs are too fat to fit into the holes in the board.

I’m done apart from this, and none of my local electronics shops have the right part. By chance does anyone in the US have an extra they could sell me, so that I don’t have to order this one part from Digikey and pay the associated extravagant shipping?

You can file down the legs with a small file. I’ve done that for the past couple of filter boards I’ve made. Looks a bit messy, but works fine.


Thanks - have tried that, but I think these legs are just too fat; I’d be filing for quite some time before they got small enough to fit! Per the datasheets, my pins are 2.3 mm, and the correct ones are 1.0 mm…

Ok, what I’ve done with similar problem is to use 3 cut legs of resistors for eg., fold your DC jack legs, solder the resistors legs to the foldered CD jack legs and that’s it…not that cute, but it works !



Man, you guys get creative! With the power supply though, I will probably not take any chances.

I checked on Digikey’s site, and they actually have a US Mail option for only $2.50 or so, so I will just order one. I thought for sure it was going to be like $7 or $8; $2.50 is not too unreasonable…

lol- I’m more impatient than creative, dnigrin… :wink:
I do try hard not to have to source parts from the US though, and the ones I’ve been able to get from my usual UK supplier (that I get free delivery from), like yours, have the larger size legs. Same goes for their tact switches, that have a larger knob on the top, that’s too big for the DigiKey switch caps, so the files get some use there, too.


If for any reason I have to do a revision of any board, I’ll use larger holes that handles the more common “fat pins” connectors.

@ pichenettes : very good idea, cause the small pin for thru-hole dc jack are a pain in the as to find !

Personally i just drill a 1,5mm hole fitting to my Reichelt Connectors…