Long time lurker and luster of MI kits - time to stock up?

Hello! Just joined after making my first order
I love the look and sound of the MI kits, but I’ve never had the spare cash to buy a kit, then I see that they’re being phased out.
So. Panic time. Anushri ordered - it should be perfect for my bits-and-bobs modular thingy that I’m working on.
Sadly cant scrape the funds together for an Ambika :frowning: so that one may be lost to me.
But is it worth stocking up on a few Shruthi PCBs (I’d love to build 6 for a fun, complex polysynth) and maybe another Anushri (because you can never have enough sequency-type things with CV outs)? Is there a way to see stock levels, so I know how long I have to panic buy?

Yes, it’s a good time.

Ideally, in january, there should be only 2 items in the shop: CVpal kits and Shruthi kit with choice of metal or plexi case.

I’ll do everything I can to get rid of the existing stock - currently most items in the shop are in the single digit anyway, and prices have been slashed by up to 40%. Exception : there are about 40 Anushri kits left - so this one will last for a while.

Note that the open-source nature of the kits/boards doesn’t exclude that they will be available from other sources later. But then it won’t be my business.

Yikes! I think I’ll have to put an order in quick, then!

I’ve got fingers crossed that others will maybe continue these, but I’m going to assume the worst!

Thanks for commenting - I never ceases to impress me how much you do here!

They will live…

For sure…


Wait for it…

Good! Though I think I’m going to try to stockpile some PCBs anyway, it’ll encourage me to get building if they’re staring accusingly at me!

Wowsers! The Anushri arrived today. That was blindingly fast! Got the resistors, caps and sockets all on now, should have it up and running sometime tomorrow. I’m just a little bit excited…

Got it finished on Saturday. Brilliant. Been playing with it ever since.
And so tonight I took the plunge and ordered (a ridiculous number of) Shruthi PCBs.
Aiming at a sorta poly type thing… 4 4-poles for chording and a variety of others for melodic/bass/FX.

I was SO tempted to get an XT… but my pennies don’t stretch that far at the moment. And I’ll not actually be able to build more than 1 of these for the time being. Hopefully a big Mouser order will be how I start the new year…

You really should get an XT while they last - theres not much you could do better about the Shruthi, maybe expect adding a Keyboard….



spoiled :slight_smile:

and teased?

I would really love an xt kit, but is short on cash. However, since @pichenettes seems so keen on getting rid of them - what about a 90% price drop?? >:)

don’t be ridiculous…… this is not amazon here.

Pfaah. What does a man have to do in order to get stuff which people have been sweating over and working on for years and years for free?

I love my Shruthi, and now I have bought an LP2 card and started self sourcing components for it. I would never have imagined doing stuff like this even two years back, but here I am - and having lots of fun while doing it.

so if you sourced the parts yourselves you know how much work and love go into kit preparation….

Oh yes. The amount of work must be enormous. I really understand why @pichenettes wants to spend his time focusing on other, more rewarding, things.