Long short, free ticket for John Carpenter Live this saturday (Manchester UK)


A friend has pulled out of going to this gig and so I have a spare ticket if anyone would like to go. Obviously too late to post it now.


Being an artist on The Hell Yeah record label our friends Crimea X released this a while back on the label.You may find it interesting https://hellyeahrec.bandcamp.com/album/incubo-sintetico-crimea-x-plays-carpenter
Cheers Richard from https://soundcloud.com/somerville-1i


It was a shockingly bad venue or just over-filled.


That’s a shame. A friend went to see his show somewhere else (not sure where), and said it was excellent.



Yeah, I saw he was playing Warwick and thought about going to that as well. But didn’t, wish I had now.

It needed to be in a bigger venue or split over two days.