Hi, I know that I´ve seen logos for the Shruthi soemwhere but I can´t find it.
Please help me, I need this for my design.

i couldn’t find it too, but i had downloaded it ages ago. here it is:

Ok, thanks I found that too.
But I´m also looking for the Shruthi-logo.

Here it is, taken from enclosure .svg

by the way, does such kind of a logo exist for the ambika and the anushri?


well, I think my ambika case will need one… :slight_smile:

There are no Logos for the Synths, this is the General Mutable Instruments Logo.

Yes. I was speaking of creating one, in the fashion of the shruthi logo. I’ll have a glance at how writing in indian characters works.

How about: अंबिका-6.



There’s no -6 in the name.

I know. Just thought it looked cool. Then how about: अंबिका पॉलीफोनिक सिंथेसाइज़र :). That might actually look pretty neat along the bottom below the buttons.

What font are you using for the indian characters?

copy&pastey font. Google translate to hindi

You mean something like this?

I don’t like the font you used for “Mutable Instruments”. Go for Old-school helvetica or DIN. And qp’s text is not related at all to the Shruthi.

I was derailing the thread towards the ambika cases, but yes that’s the idea.
Beware that you put “ambika polyphonic synthesizer” on your shruthi case, though :wink:

I was actually thinking about taking a crack at some designs for the Anushri.

Anushri Standard Design is finished… shall i post you a Pic with a towel above it?