Logos missing in Gerber export from Eagle


I try to export the Gerber files for the Shruthi PCBs and I just don’t get the nice logos exported to the Gerber files - at least they don’t show up in the 3rd party Gerber viewers I have tried (for example the online viewer from Seeedstudio).

Specifically I speak about the nice Anushka.bmp on the polivoks filter (the russian shruthi letters are there, so the layer does get exported).
However, I also tried exporting the standard Shruthi digital board, and indeed the Sarawati.bmp is not shown in the Gerber viewers I tried.
I then manually imported the respective bmps in Eagle (even imported them to layer 25 and 27) - everything else is in the previews, just not these images.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and if so, how did you solve them?


I am using Eagle 6.5.0 and also tried Eagle 7.2.0

Well, edit the Eagle CAM file to add to the silkscreen the layer on which the logo is placed…

Yes, I did that. For example, on the polivoks filter board. There are russion letters as well as the anushka logo both on layer 200. The letters show up, the logo does not. However, the former confirms that the layer got added.

Or do I completely misunderstand something?

what are you using to view your gerbers, the version of GerbV i was using wouldnt show BMP layers correctly

I was using online tools so far. Particularly the Viewer of Seeedstudio as I intended to have the boards manufactured by them.

gerbv displays everything correctly on my side O_o

Ok, thanks. I will give that a try.

So, after a 4 hour odyssey I gave up on gerbv. Precompiled executables for Mac OSX 10.10, are just nowhere to find. So I tried to compile them myself. For this I had to compile+install fink (enables unix programs on a Mac). For this I had to compile+install X11. I guess it is obvious where this is going. Several of these steps failed on multiple levels, so I I decided it is out of the scope of having a nice looking PCB.

If someone wants to do me a favour, please quickly check if the bitmap is visible in gerbv, With the online gerber viewer from SeeedStudio it still is not, but the russian letters (which happen to be in the same eagle layer) are there.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I can see the logo and text with gerbv (2.6.0 from macports).

ok, thanks. at least now I know.
This is costing me quite some nerves :slight_smile:
Since I started to doubt myself now that the letters are there (did I mention that they are in the same layer?), I checked again with SeeedStudio, and voila, the letters but no image.
This is the very same archive I posted above. I really don’t understand the Gerber stuff yet.

Sorry: I CAN.

This is what KiCads Gerber Viewer shows when opening the GTO layer:

Here’s what I see with GerbV 2.6.1 running on Windows:

Uuuuuhhhhh, ok. Great
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
That is even better to know!

I just went through the same thing, old gerbv didnt show it, new gerbv did.